"Nicholas McLean delights throughout, bouncing from playing attention seeking best friend Reggie to a bad boy ex of Casey’s and Aaron’s best friend Gabe desperately trying to get him to stick with the date."

"Nicholas McLean now plays the role of Boq, the love interest of Elphaba’s younger sister, Nessarose.  With big titles like Avenue Q and The Book of Mormon on his back, McLean delights the audience with both his voice and his performance, making everyone feel sorry for his character as his beloved Glinda doesn’t love him in return."

"Nicholas McLean is a brilliant Buttons, and what a singing voice, and he is matched by a range of superb vocalists..."

“ Nicholas Mclean, as caretaker Gary Coleman, backs up comedy smarts with soaring vocals making Schadenfreude a highlight of the second act.”

“As for the human inhabitants of Avenue Q Nicholas McLean is one of the best Gary Coleman’s I’ve seen.”

"Benny (Nicholas McLean, sweet-voiced), the butcher’s dippy son. McLean becomes a puppeteer in charge of a cutesy large black rat that runs riot on the town’s winter solstice food display, without anyone raising issues such as Weil’s disease."


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